School Safety

The safety of our students and staff at all buildings is our highest priority. For years the Administration has run a district wide crisis team, and this is reflected by a crisis team in every school. We meet regularly to review and improve and update our security procedures, and always do so after an event such as we saw in Florida. We also maintain a dedicated and skilled staff of counselors in all of our buildings.

We have committed resources to our infrastructure and technology to assure that we have ever evolving tools at our disposal. We are very happy that the school district enjoys an excellent working relationship with the Stoughton Police Department, and we are in close communication with them at all times related to matters of security and safety.

Watch the video of the School Safety Forum on Monday March 19, 2018 in the Stoughton High School Auditorium.

Learn about ALICE and how we use this program in Stoughton Public Schools. This video of an Active Shooter Training Session is produced by Stoughton Media Access Corporation.

See the ALICE: Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate slideshow(PDF)

See the Stoughton HIgh School ALICE Response Options Student Assembly slideshow on April 25, 2018. (PDF)

Watch the Canton Public Schools ALICE video.