About Us

The Joseph H. Gibbons Elementary School has a diverse kindergarten through fifth grade student population of approximately 365 students. There are currently three classes at the second, fourth and fifth grade levels and four classes in kindergarten, first and third grades. Class sizes range from 16 to 23 students per class.

In addition to the regular classrooms from kindergarten through fifth grade, there are two substantially separate classroom, Learning Centers I & II, with students from across the district. Although this classroom has a separate program, many of the students spend different amounts of time within the instructional day in our regular education classrooms and regularly integrate for special subjects.

In addition to the twenty-one regular education teachers currently in kindergarten through fifth grades, there are two special education teachers, two reading teachers, a full-time guidance counselor, a .8 adjustment counselor, a school psychologist, and a full-time nurse. Special subject teachers for art, music, physical education, and computers and a full-time library assistant complete the instructional staff.

The Gibbons School has a tradition of providing a variety of learning experiences and enrichment programs for students with a wide range of educational needs. We subscribe to the mission statement of the Stoughton Public Schools, which is dedicated to the education of the whole child. Our mission is to set high standards for academic excellence for every student and to develop in them a desire to become life-long learners. Our goal is to provide students with a challenging and stimulating instructional program that emphasizes the worth of each individual while also providing opportunities to connect to the community at large.

The Gibbons Community Conducts Itself with Character

Each year as part of our School Council Plan we try to focus on a social emotional goal along with our student and professional goals. This year we will continue to focus on building character with the students as part of that goal. Our students will be expected to conduct themselves with character each day. The character traits we will focus on are as follows: responsibility, respect, citizenship, self-control, integrity/honesty, compassion, tolerance/patience, confidence, perseverance, cooperation. Each month a new trait will be introduced and reinforced in the classrooms through morning meeting, classroom procedures, class expectations and any other time that seems appropriate in the classroom. Outside the classroom, everyone is encouraged to use the language and comment to students when they are conducting themselves with character such as, “Be sure to conduct yourself with character.” or “Did you conduct yourself with character?” and “I saw that you were being responsible.” These words give us a powerful, common language to use when talking about character with the students.

In September, all of the words will be introduced to the students. Every classroom, including the gym and cafeteria, will display all of the traits throughout the year while highlighting the monthly focus trait. 

Each month we will recognize students who exemplify each trait. Students will have their picture taken and it will be displayed in the display case in the lobby!

As parents, we encourage you to reinforce ‘Conducting Ourselves with Character’ outside of school. Ask your children to explain which trait they are working on and how they are demonstrating their knowledge of the trait and how they have conducted themselves using that trait. Ask them how they can use the trait at home with their family and friends. 

‘Conducting Ourselves with Character’ helps to create a positive learning environment for our school community!

The Gibbons School believes in the importance of frequent communication with the parents and guardians of our students. We also encourage parents to play an active role in their children's education. Letters to parents, notices or reminders of upcoming events, a monthly calendar, our newsletter and our web site are utilized to keep parents informed of special activities or events and to promote regular communication with parents throughout the school year. Parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with their children's teachers and to meet with them, as needed, throughout the school year. We also encourage parents to serve in a number of volunteer roles within our classrooms and the school.

Vision Statement

The Gibbons School is a safe and respectful community that collaborates to challenge and inspire all students to embrace a lifetime of learning.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Joseph H. Gibbons Elementary School is to educate our students to the best of our ability and to develop in them a desire to become life-long learners by providing a challenging and stimulating instructional program that emphasizes the worth of each individual and allows the children to experience success academically, socially, and emotionally through a cooperative effort between home, school and community.