Student Drop-Off / Pick Up Procedures

The following drop-off and pick-up procedures have been established in order to assure the safety of our students. Please be courteous to other drivers and vigilant in watching out for the safety of our students.

School Hours

Normal school hours are from 8:25 am until 2:45 pm.


On in-person learning days, students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:25 AM, since we do not have supervisory coverage available until that time. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated.

Dismissal will begin internally at 2:35 PM. Students who are “walkers” (this means the student has written permission to walk home from the school) will exit the building at 2:40 and students who are parent pick-ups will be exiting the building at 2:45.  Students go home many different ways. Please always let the school know if there is a change in the dismissal routine for your child. If someone other than a parent/guardian will be picking-up your child, please send a note to the school indicating such. Any change in dismissal or early dismissal requires a note with parent/guardian signature. 

Please use caution and common sense when approaching the school in a vehicle and follow the instructions of the staff members on duty.  

Traffic Pattern

The driveway beside the playground is one way from Bradford Street into the main driveway. The driveway leaving the school to Kenneth Court is also one way. When you enter from Bradford Street you must exit by the front driveway or Kenneth Court. When you enter from Morton Street you must exit by Kenneth Court, for safety purposes you can not u-turn at the top of the driveway.

Drop Off

Parents/guardians are asked to drop off students at the sidewalk only in the designated drop-off/pick-up areas that are in front of the school. There is no parking at the front curb. You must drop off your child at the sidewalk and then move on immediately to keep traffic flowing. Please do not get out of your car. If you need to enter the school in the morning, you will have to park in a designated parking space or on the right side of the front driveway as you enter.


  • Drop-off is from 8:25 to 8:35. You may park early and wait in your car until 8:25. 

  • Please park your car in the far end of the parking lot and walk your child to the Kindergarten Playground gate at the far left of the building. Please wear masks and maintain social distancing as you arrive at the gate.

  • A staff member will greet you at the gate and walk your child into the building. You must remain outside the fenced area.

  •  If you arrive after 8:35, you need to accompany your child to the front door to sign them in.


Parent Pick-Ups: Teachers will bring students to the Kindergarten playground and will wait outside until their parent/guardian picks them up. Parents wait outside the fenced off area while waiting for their children. 
Kindergarten Siblings will come to the Kindergarten wing and be dismissed with their younger sibling.
After-School Students: Teachers will take after-school students to the location of their program at dismissal time.
Bus Riders: A teacher will take bus riders to their buses.  They will be monitored by teachers until their bus arrives for pick-up.  If a kindergarten student’s parent/guardian is not at the bus stop to meet them, the bus will bring the student back to the school to be picked up.

Grade One through Five Students

Students in grades one through five will enter at 8:25AM from the playground which is located at the right side of the school. If the weather is inclement or too cold to be outside, students will report to the cafeteria and gym.

Pick Up

Students who will be walking home from school, or who will be picked-up by a parent/guardian, will be dismissed at 2:45 PM. If someone other than a parent/guardian will be picking-up your child, please send a note to the school indicating such. Any change in dismissal or early dismissal requires a note with parent/guardian signature.

General Safety Procedures

All pedestrians are asked to cross the street within the crosswalks only. Do not cross the street between or in front of the buses.

If you are driving a car, please do not drive by the buses or vans when their lights are flashing. State law requires vehicles to stop when the lights are flashing and mandates a $200 fine for anyone who violates the law.

Double parking in the main parking lot is not permitted. Other no parking areas are designated by the yellow curbs and berms.

Carpooling is strongly encouraged. If you choose to carpool, please notify the school office and your child’s teacher, in writing of the arrangements and the names of the adults with whom your child may be transported.