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July 10, 2019

My Story

I grew up about one mile away from the Gibbons School. I fondly remember riding my bike to school (with a stop by Andy’s) and meeting my neighborhood friends for a game of basketball or touch football before school started.  I remember always being excited to go to school. My teachers over the years- Mrs. Connolly, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Gitto, Mrs. Dacosta, Ms. Hill, Mr. Lyttle, Ms. Kelleher, Mr. Trotta and all the other teachers during my time at the Gibbons will always hold a special place in my heart. Many of the traditions I recall are still in place now- the school fair, the Flag Day ceremony and many others. Lifelong friendships were built in a supportive, caring school environment.

After attending the Gibbons school, I continued my education at Stoughton Junior High School followed by four years at Stoughton High School. I like to joke if there was a University of Stoughton, I would have gone there for college. Following college, I landed a teaching position at the Hansen Elementary School in Stoughton. In 2002 I was transferred to the O’Donnell Middle School and taught math before assuming the role of assistant principal in 2007. Seven years in the classroom and twelve years in the middle school office have helped prepare me for this new challenge.      

Looking back, I now understand that Mr. John Griffin set the tone for the building during my years as a student at the Gibbons School. The stories of him mowing the lawn, picking up trash or planting flowers are all true. Even after thirty years, he still remembers everyone’s name that passed through the halls of the Gibbons School! Every morning Mr. Griffin would be at the entrance of the school, greeting the students on their way into the school. That is Mr. Griffin’s legacy- his commitment to the school and the students that attended it.

With these lessons in mind, I begin my tenure as Gibbons School principal. I look forward to building on the great work of Ms. Lynne Jardin and the wonderful staff here at the school. I hope to engage the entire Gibbons School community in a way those that came before me would be proud of.

That is my story.  I look forward to learning your story.

Dave Guglia